Makers Academy – Git – Day 2

A very interesting announcement was made by Siemens today. They said they were going to lay off 15,000 workers worldwide. Makers Academy have jumped at the chance to offer Siemens staff the chance of a new career. A risky and disruptive campaign but ultimately a very clever one. One that will position Makers Academy as a clear career change opportunity.

Today the main focus was on cementing how to make the Terminal (the command line of Macs) with Github and making and editing repositories, which are useful areas where you can store you code and go back to it if necessary and if something fails. It allows for a failsafe and for a platform for testing the code you have written. GitHub also allows for developers to show off and share what they have coded with the world.

I wrote the word pretty when coding today. That is not a word I yet associate with code. But maybe, if I give it a few weeks I will see beauty in code. That is how mad the next 12 weeks are going to make me or so I hear…!

Makers Academy – Day 1 – Command Line

So Maker’s Academy has begun and it was off to a rather slow start. Today we worked through the Makers Academy Hackpad or the command line guide on the Learn Code the Hard Way website. It was somewhat tedious and I am not sure completely of it’s relevance to the overall aim of thinking like a coder however, I trust that it is an important element that must be pushed through. It certainly wasn’t interesting, but not everything is. Indeed, I often got distracted and actually found myself behind everyone else so had to catch up.

Jordan, who is the “Shaker Maker” (PR Guru) has a very interesting way of learning/working that I must look into further. The Pomodoro Technique is where you work for 25 minutes and then take a 3-5 minute break. I can see the merits of it; you don’t burn out and you work effectively for those 25 minutes and get time to relax and feel like you haven’t stressed yourself out.

There are some greatly talented people in this cohort, I have had lots of very useful conversations about my mission and others people’s perspectives and ideas have been very useful!

Now to crack on with starting the next day’s material and maybe I just might sneak in the final episode of Breaking Bad, but don’t tell the makers!