Makers Academy Review – Week 9 – Learning Rails

I am coming towards the end of my Makers Academy experience and therefore no doubt this will be one of the last Makers Academy Review articles I shall write. I hope that the weekly reviews have been helpful for people who are considering joining Makers Academy.


This week packed in so many things, Websockets, Devise, CoffeeScript, SASS, HAML and AWS. We used so many things with Rails that it is kind of hard to keep up. Websockets was by far the coolest, it is basically AJAX but it keeps an open connection with the app so that it can push information instantly as and when it is necessary. Devise took a lot of hassle out of the user authentication process and learning to use Facebook API to enable Facebook login is hugely beneficial. There is so many things you can do when you harness the power of both Devise and OmniAuth with regards to 3rd party APIs, you can quite easily setup a user to authenticate themselves via every social network under the sun.

In love with HAML

I have something of a love affair with HAML, it makes the previously disgusting syntax of HTML/ERB look so neat and beautiful, on top of that, it makes perfect sense, the indentation makes it clear what belongs where. Having said that, I haven’t yet fallen in love with SASS or SCSS, if I were to like either it would be SASS simply because the HAML indentation is brought over to it. I haven’t really had a big need to use SASS for my projects yet and this is certainly an area in which I don’t feel comfortable. AWS is very useful and reasonably easy to set up for storing all types of media.

All in all I am really starting to enjoy the whole experience and Rails I think is really where I have seen the most growth in knowledge and where I have found something I actually want to learn because it is obviously a very powerful tool! Guess what the next Makers Academy Review will be about!? Ruby on Rails! The variety is the spice of life!