Makers Academy Review – Week 7 – Javascript

Makers Academy Project

This installment in my weekly Makers Academy Review is about my introduction to Javascript and JQuery and using it to create a rock paper scissors app. This was potentially the best week yet as I was able to really pick this up quickly and build in 2 days this Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock Blair Ketchup app. I really enjoyed this. I liked not having to follow a guide or a tutorial and working directly with the teachers over any JS or AJAX queries that I had so that I felt like I was building the app organically. This was lots of fun, especially as I have an interest in Politics and I could tailor it to how I wanted it to look.

Later in the week we did AJAX with the bookmark manager project. This meant I had to pull the information from the previous week’s example as I had not completed the work for the previous week (indeed I have written off all the sinatra work really).

Next week is Rails! I can’t wait, this is where the real power of Ruby lies (in my opinion) plus I am looking forward to making things that will allow me to create something, post-Makers. Long may this enthusiasm continue. I will try to keep up this Makers Academy Review weekly.

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