Pre Makers Academy – The Warm Up

On Monday September 30th I am starting a 12 week course at Makers Academy. I decided to do this as it will allow me to get started on making my mission a reality. From what I have read and heard about them it is one of the quickest and most effective ways of thinking and working like a professional coder there is out there. The price although high is very good value when you consider that you are learning from dawn to dusk every working day for 12 weeks. (It has cost me £7,200) This to me is a small investment even if at the end I am only able to make small edits to the final product’s code. At least I will have an understanding of what is going on and an ability to fix it if something goes wrong.

Yesterday (September 27th) I went to a welcome event at their offices on City Rd next to Google Campus in ‘Silicon Roundabout’ (Shoreditch). The vast majority of the 19 people that are doing the programme in this, the September cohort are doing so because they either have a concrete idea that they want to develop into a startup or they want to get involved in or found their own startup but they don’t yet have a fixed idea of what they want to do. Incidentally the rest seem to want to broaden their horizons or are seeking employment (upon graduation) in a junior coding role. The event itself was great, there was plenty of free pizza and beers, which apparently are provided free daily (if one wants to develop a drinking problem). More importantly the way the team involved in this lean startup described their mission to teach as many people to code as possible inspired me to get as much as I can from the course as possible. I better get stuck into the pre course materials on Codecademy!

I am excited to start on Monday and get to work making my vision a reality and allowing everyone, not just the rich access to efficient and effective (investments)!